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Ultrasonic v.1.00   (Free Soft)

Program for working with ultrasonic sensors from Pepperl + Fuchs  

You can download the following files:

Program Ultrasonic v.1.00   Download   Size: 1430 kb.
    It is changed 03.12.2010 add support Vista/W7

§1 Description:

The program is designed for the survey ultrasonic sensor type: Ultrasonic UB1000 FirmsPepperl+Fuchs.

§2 Description of Ultrasonic v.1.00

Fig.1 program window Ultrasonic v.1.00

Ultrasonic v.1.0.0

The program is used to adjust the ultrasonic sensor distance. When you click on the Start button, the program starts cyclical interrogation sensor output result on the screen. It displays the absolute distance to the object. Command line allows you to execute any command provided for specific sensors and display the answer to this command on the screen. Please note that not all commands provide the answer.

  DTM UB300-18GM75A-3E5R-V15-Y192007   - description of the system commands sensor.

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