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Test v.1.0  (Free Soft)

Program Examiner

You can download the following files:

Program Test v.1.0 Download  Size: 1 460 kb. Changed: 03.12.2010

SAPI4 - Voice Support in XP Download  Size: 4 547 kb. Changed: 13.04.2010

Archive files exams Go to   (присылайте тесты на info@softelectro.ru)

§1 Description:

Program Test v.1.0 is intended for testing or examination on a personal computer The program allows you to upload a file test in the program.

The program can create and edit files exam. File exam consists of those issues and profiles of the exam and stored in a file with the extension "imya_testa.tet"

§2 Description of the Test v.1.0

Program Test v.1.0 allows you to create, edit and conduct various tests and exams on a PC.
In each topic, questions can be divided into 10 groups.
For example, you want to create a quiz for secondary school pupils.
You have to create 20 subjects (Russian, mathematics, physics, etc.). Creates for each topic questions (up to 100 pcs.) Within a topic questions can be broken by klassamm. For example, questions for class 1, questions for class 2 and so
Any issue in this topic may be included directly in a few or one group (class).

Fig.1. Screenshot of Test v.1.0 input issues and questions

Test v.1.0

Next, enter a single correct answer and four incorrect answers.

For exam should determine the profile of the exam.

Fig.2. Screenshot of Test v.1.0 when creating a profile test

Test v.1.0

For the exam will need to specify the number of test profiles and personal data examinee

Fig.3. Screenshot of Test v.1.0 for appointment exam

Test v.1.0

Next, examinees are invited to answer questions.
The question is lekoy clicking the mouse button on the response.
If the answer was correct, then the question is highlighted with a green background, and if incorrect - a red background.
If your PC is equipped with voice SAPI 4 engine with Russian voice: Adult Female # 1 Russian (L & H). So, the correct answer is announced voicemail.

Fig.3. Screenshot of Test v.1.0 for exam

Test v.1.0

After the exam shows the result, which is stored in the archive.

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