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ComPort (Free Soft)

Programs simultaneously with four COM ports on the computer.

You can download the following files:

ComPort v.1.1   download    Size: 1438 kb
02.12.2010 (Support OS Vista\W7)

Manual ComPort v.1.1   download    Size: 34 kb

1 Summary

Program visualization of COM-ports of a PC. Simultaneous with four COM-ports. Setting up the mapping of signals on the contacts COM-port in real time. Intermittent receiving and sending data.

2 Program Description ComPort v.1.1

Figure 1 Screenshot of ComPort v.1.1
ComPort v.1.0

The program is designed to determine the functional state of the COM ports, visualization of the processes occurring at the contacts between COM-port. It is easy to verify that the ports and install a set value ports.

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