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Manufacturers of electronic gauges in Russia

JSC "Sensor"

Sensor the-trademark

JSC "Sensor"
The address: 620057, Ekaterinburg, street Shefskaya, 62.
Phone: +7(343)3795360
e-mail: sale@sensor-com.ru
Site: http://www.sensor-com.ru 

The brief description from the manufacturer:
In the lead position in Russia and the CIS countries on a technological level of development, volume of manufacture and selling of contactless cutouts. Development and manufacture of a reliable batch production. High quality of production and given service. Conformity of production to domestic standards and the international norms. The Wide nomenclature of a batch production (more than 1200 standard sizes of products).

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JSC " Research-and-production company TEKO "

TEKO the-trademark

JSC " Research-and-production company TEKO "
The address: 454018, Chelyabinsk, Kislitsyn's street, 100
Phone: +7(351)7960118, 7960119, 7971109, 7973106
e-mail: teko@teko-com.ru, sale@teko-com.ru
Site: http://www.teko-com.ru 

The information on the manufacturer:
Based in 1989, research-and-production Company " ТЕКО " is the leader among the Russian developers and manufacturers sensors for industrial automatics. Owing to more than 20 to years experience of active work in the field of designing, manufacture and sale of devices for automation of technological productions, today we offer you the broadest spectrum of production numbering more of 7500 tips of highly reliable products.

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